The Balbriggan Our Waters & Wild alliance brings the collective experience of local organisations together to work with local public officials and the community to restore the Bracken River and help nature to thrive in the town, with the ultimate goal of Blue Flag status for Balbriggan Beach

About Us

Balbriggan Our Waters & Wild includes a consortium of organisations that are committed to improving the quality of life for the people of Balbriggan through river restoration and helping nature thrive.

Our Aims

  • Secure better environmental representation on the Our Balbriggan Pillars and attendance at Pillar and Our Balbriggan Leadership Group meetings

  • Provide detailed input into the Millpond Park Development

  • Ensure water pollution issues relating to the Bracken River, Balbriggan Harbour and Balbriggan Beach are addressed

  • Advocate for and take action to restore the Bracken River as required in the River Basin Management Plan 2022-2027

  • Protect and enhance the Bracken River Wildlife Corridor and support the implementation of actions under the Fingal Biodiversity Action Plan

  • Support actions to achieve excellent bathing water quality and ultimately Blue Flag Status for Balbriggan Beach

Formal Structure:

Steps to Blue Flag Status

The 33 criteria required for blue flag status are listed here with notes from the community on where Balbriggan might stand.We welcome feedback from the people in the town.Feel reach out to help improve the information or learn more.(You can click on any of the individdual criteria for full information below including notes about actions in Balbriggan which will get updated over time)

The formal guidelines are listed here as well for reference:

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out to collaborate, reach one of our organisations or with any questions or queries.

Thank You

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